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Tobii em negociações com a Sony para fornecer tecnologia de rastreamento ocular do PlayStation VR2

Keep a lid on it.
Tobii has revealed it is currently in negotiations with Sony to be the eye-tracking tech provider for the PlayStation VR2.
The press release from Tobii is short and sweet. Getting straight to the point, it states: “Tobii AB, the global leader in eye tracking and pioneer of attention computing, announces it is currently in negotiation with Sony Interactive Entertainment [to] be the eye tracking technology provider in SIE’s new VR headset, PlayStation VR2.”
The release goes on to say that “Tobii is not commenting on the financial impact of the deal at this time”. This is to account for the fact these negotiations are still ongoing.
Sony formally announced its latest foray into the world of VR in 2021, then at CES 2022 revealed its new VR2 headset and the PlayStation VR2 Sense controller specs. The gadget promises fans a more immersive gaming experience with enhanced performance and interactivity compared to its predecessor.
The PlayStation VR2 will feature OLED screens capable of 4K visuals and, of course, eye-tracking technology. Eye tracking will mean you can look in a specific direction to serve as an additional input.
There’s still no official word on when Sony will be releasing its latest VR system, although the suggestion is it will be sometime this year.
In addition to debuting this hardware in January, Sony also gave fans a look at Horizon: Call of the Mountain. This is the first game to be announced for the VR2 system and will take place in the world of Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. Unlike the latter two games games, however, players will not take on the role of Aloy in Call of the Mountain.
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