Tomb Raider 1-3 está sendo remasterizado e chegando em fevereiro

My Nintendo News
My Nintendo News
Lara Croft’s epic original action platforming adventures are coming to the Nintendo Switch next year via the team at Aspyr. The collection includes Tomb Raider 1,Tomb Raider 2, and of course,Tomb Raider 3.The collection has been reworked visually to get rid of that sharp polygon look the original games had. Check out the trailer for the TombRaider 1-3 Collection down below.

Thank God 🙂 best designed tomb raider games (but where is tr4, 5?) i hope in physical release
Oh please don’t change anything for the modern gamers and I throw money at you!!!
You can also switch back to the original graphics 😀
The trailer for the Tomb Raider remasters look’s legit, will probably be checking out the remasters at some point.
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