Ubisoft planeja atualizar Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope para o sucessor do Switch

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Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot has spoken with GamesIndustry about a number of topics and one of which is the latest Mario + Rabbids game, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. The game reviewed fairly well, but sales ultimately missed Ubisoft’s internal expectations. Mr. Guillemot says that in hindsight it would have been best to launch it for the successor to the Nintendo Switch, Talking of the next Nintendo platform, Guillemot said that they plan to update Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope for “the new machine that will come in the future.”
“Although, I think it was a different issue with Mario. We had already released a Mario Rabbids game [on Switch], so by doing another we had two similar experiences on one machine. On Nintendo, games like this never die. There are 25 Mario games on Switch. Nintendo [has advised] that it’s better to do one iteration on each machine. We were a bit too early, we should have waited for [the next console].”
“Because you could play a great game. And we think it will last for ten years, because we will update it for the new machine that will come in the future.”
Thanks Ubisoft for the “hint hint, clue clue.”
So tomorrow I’m thinking we will see the Switch successor. Why else mention that one day before.the Direct?
I think you’re reading too much into this, Ubisoft saying that they’re going to continue supporting their games for future systems doesn’t mean a Switch successor announcement is imminent.
Yeah, my gut reaction to reading the headline was the same as Gruntilda’s response, but after reading it I realized this is just them saying that they’ll sell the game on the next Nintendo console whenever it releases.
There’s no reason to read too much into this statement outside of a promise that they’ll sell the game again, and it’s a bit silly to assume Ubisoft would slip up and reveal Nintendo’s next console lol
It’s not just about 25 Mario games on the Switch either. They need to realize Switch also has a ton of RPG games too. Octopath Travelers 2, to ring a bell
Jumped the gun, I see. They kind of implied Nintendo had warned them, so for the some part of it, greed pushed the game out.
Personally I haven’t played it but I would like to get to it some day. It’s on my Neverending list, I keep a separate one just for nintendo games lol
The first one also had clearer visuals that sparked the eye and a few worlds in Sparks of hope are a bit too sinilar imo. It wanted to be too original.
Sounds very understanding that’s coming from him since he has seen the Switch before it was announced.
Nahh I be honest I prefer sparks of hope over kingdom battle and I’m glad this one released on the switch just means will have a brand new adventure for team Mario+rabbids on the successor and I hope they keep going out on every installment
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