Um trailer Fortnite Capítulo 3 vazou

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Fortnite is still going strong. The game was first released 4 years ago, and it had arrived on the Nintendo Switch in June of 2018. Despite its age, the game is still doing very well, and Epic Games has still been supporting the game with additional content, which is typically done by in-game seasons and chapters.
Well, Chapter 3 of Fortnite hasn’t begun yet. In fact, the content that will be arriving in the third chapter hasn’t even been announced yet. However, there have been leaks happening. The latest is a Chapter 3 Battle Pass trailer that has appeared. The trailer reveals a new map, as well as Spider-Man as a playable character, including alternate outfits. Kait and Marcus from Gears of War will also be playable. Sliding, grappling hooks, and more have been leaked.

Yeah this is like the last battle pass from Chapter 2 season 1. Looks like someone is going to get fired again from Epic Games.
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