Visão antecipada da experiência do usuário para PlayStation VR2

Check out the new see-through view and broadcasting option for PS VR2.
The road to launch for PlayStation VR2 is in full swing, and we can’t wait for you to try the exciting new games and experiences you’ll be able to explore with our next-generation virtual reality headset.  As we continue with our launch efforts, today, we’d like to offer a quick peek at some of the user experience features you’ll discover on PS VR2. 
Let’s take a look. 
With PS VR2, you can see your surroundings while wearing the headset with our new see-through feature. It comes in handy when you want to easily check where the PS VR2 Sense controllers are in your room without taking the headset off. Thanks to PS VR2’s embedded front cameras, users can press the function button on the headset, or use the Card in the Control Center, to switch between viewing your surroundings, or viewing the content on PS VR2. The Card in the Control Center also gives quick access to other PS VR2 settings, such as adjusting your play area.
The see-through view is just for viewing only, so there’s no recording option.
A new broadcast feature for PS VR2 will allow you to film yourself while playing, by connecting a PS5 HD Camera to the console. It’s a great way to show your movements and reactions during a boss battle and share your reactions with your fellow gamers as it happens! 
The play area for PS VR2 can be customized by using the PS VR2 Sense controllers and the embedded cameras. The cameras will allow you to scan the room, while the PS VR2 Sense controllers allow you to expand and further customize the play area to fit your play style and room environment.
While playing, if you get close to the boundary you have set up, you will receive a warning that you are closely approaching the play area boundary. You can modify your settings at any time while PS VR2 is connected. Once you set up your play area, the settings will be saved unless you move into a different play area.
In VR Mode, players can enjoy VR game content in a 360 view in a virtual environment. Content will be displayed in 4000 x 2040 HDR video format (2000 x 2040 per eye) with 90Hz/120Hz frame rate.
In Cinematic Mode, players can view the PS5 system and UI and all non-VR game and media content on a virtual cinema screen. Content in Cinematic Mode will be displayed in 1920×1080 HDR video format with 24/60Hz and also 120Hz frame rate.
PS VR2 game developers will begin to access the latest user experience for PS VR2 in a new system software release coming soon as part of the ongoing development. There are lots of exciting things to look forward to for PS VR2, and we can’t wait to share more details about our next-generation virtual reality headset that takes a dramatic leap forward in gameplay innovation. We’ll share more information soon, including launch date and additional games coming to the platform.  
Design and specification within the images are subject to change without notice.

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Awesome stuff. This is the most exciting thing going on with Playstation at the moment and I’m definitely getting one. Hopefully launch isn’t too far away.
Think we’d be really lucky to see something like the October launch with the first PSVR, early 2023 year seems more likely. Either way I’m there day #1 whenever that is.
Broadcast Yourself While Playing is a great feature because when your streaming a VR game viewers want to see how you react – especially when you get a jump scare or move frantically to avoid being hit!
Yasuo, would it be possible to add a mixed reality mode as seen on other VR platforms? This is wonderful for showing a player actually in a game, like in Beat Saber. It makes for an immersive experience where the PLAYER IS IN THE GAME! Let us know, thanks! 👍🏼
I just hope, going forward, you’ll be using the same headset and that you won’t need to buy a completely new headset every new PS generations.
It is expensive for so few games.
You can still have newer headset VR variants, such as a completely wireless one, but that would support the same tech as previously and games going forward as well with just swapping headsets having all games compatible, not just retro compatible games but also retro compatible hardware with this PS VR2.
It’s a heavy investment that should last a lifetime or so rather than continuously needing to buy new hardware for again, very few worthwhile games.
I’d try my hardest to make PS VR1 games compatible on the second.
Otherwise, it will loose momentum.
It’s not that hard to emulate another controller with the same gyro controls. It’s built differently, but you just swap the basic controls over from 1 to 2.
What about a video showcase to show all of this? Is it not better than a blog post??? Poor communication for this PS VR2 yet.
You’re jumping the gun. They did say more info is coming soon. Be grateful.
Poor communication overall I’d say, I miss the day where they’d have a proper showcase and introduce every key details of said games or product. Now we’re getting some info at CES, some more via a blog post and in the next month we’ll get the price, and finally we’ll get an unboxing… same stuff happens with the PS5.
Stop moaning 😂
This guy just said “be gratefull” lmaoooo
It’s a good blog post, but their Twitter needs to share it, and hype the headset up more. We haven’t seen much thought to be honest.
Happy to have hte blog post, but I too would prefer a big show case with a lot more information. Video tour of the device, some press releases, and a nice big ol’article about PSVR2. Never been a fan of the trickle. This is why E3 Press Events from first party were such a big deal. This just removes all the fanfare, like “oh ya, hmmm we are releasing a VR headset, *puts on monocle* here is a little bit about play space setup that looks like the oculus rift’s. enjoy peasant.”
Yeah, I’d prefer way more info and a better way of doing it like Microsoft gave the Xbots with the 2 years ago announced Fable, Perfect Dark and State of Decay 3 lol.
Stop moaning
People are entitled to their opinion. Stop moaning about people moaning 🤣
Don’t cry princess.
Why are you crying over a blogpost about a product that isn’t gonna release anytime soon?
How old are you all? Do you lot moan whenever you don’t get what you want? Let’s just hope it releases 2022 than 2023…
Not really. It’s a small update, the video would be 2 – 3 minutes long. Hardly worth it. You’re entitled to your opinion that a video would be better, but that doesn’t mean that a blog post is “poor communication”.
Very excited about See-Through View. This is something I have been wishing for since the first PS VR. Nothing more annoying than getting the headset perfectly situated, only to realize you have not idea where you set the controllers! Only thing this PS VR2 is missing, in my opinion, is a wireless option. Maybe they can release some sort of adaptor later down the road?
That is probably not going to happen. The reason is cost. The required hardware to make it wireless needs to have a crazy low latency plus it needs to also power the headset. That costs a lot, just look a PC VR Headsets from Valve, Oculus and WMR. The wireless kits for them are super expensive. Sony won’t be able to eat the cost enough to make it feasible as a low sales volume add on. When the tech comes down enough in cost in a few years they might release a full on wireless headset.
It simply doesn’t make economic sense as an add on to the already expensive headsets.
YES!!! SEE-THROUGH VIEW!!! YES!!! I hope the new details we learn later on includes AR 👀
Very excited for this, just ease of use lol
If this thing has AR expect that price to shoot up. AR through a screen is not easy to do. That’s a lot of updates from 4 camera’s that need to reduce latency to prevent you from killing yourself on furniture. So not likely to be AR. Not even sure why you’d want AR to be honest.
A year ago I would have said, relax, this is PlayStation, it will be an incredible price for the spec and what its capable of.
but then I thought………..Jim Ryan. 🙁
i don’t get why people want AR. Nothing interesting about it in my opinion. I want to be inside the game world. Don’t need to see the room i am in when i am gaming with a headset on
Please target release by holidays this year! I need to buy this RIGHT NOW!
Can’t wait to try it out!
I would pay $1000 for a wireless option
Same. PSVR2 Pro. Make it happen Sony.
Will never happen. Think, the PSVR2 is harnessing the power of the PS5 headset. How could they possible fit the PS5 power into the size of a wireless adapter.
Given the cable is removable it’s entirely possible that an adaptor will become available either directly from Sony or from a third party.
I would ask them to pay me for a wireless option. It’s a 4k headset. Adding wireless compression defeats the entire purpose of the higher resolution and HDR. Quest on wireless with pc constantly suffers from drop frames and horrible compression.
PS5 has WiFI-6, more than enough bandwidth for 4k low-latency wireless to the headset. Just plug in a wireless dongle (with battery) to the removable cord socket and you’re good to go.
Sono d’accordo con te, comunque va bene anche così. Speriamo solo che esca quest’anno!
I can’t wait for it to come out, I’ve been waiting for this headset too long now! Haha I’m all in for PSVR2
I literally can’t wait for this. The moment this goes up for preorder im on it.
Same. Thankfully we have less of a chance of getting screwed like on PSVR with a remodel and a better break out box.
Just hoping you guys are more consumer friendly than companies like Facebook and will release your VR games especially VR versions of multiplatform franchise like RE on PCVR!
If you can’t be bothered to spend $300 for a cheap Quest, what are you even doing on PCVR to begin with? Don’t expect an official release for Village on PC when RE7 didn’t, only a community mod.
@Logan22 Price isn’t the issue, also it’s not even 300$ anymore LOL
These added features are a great addition, particularly see through view. No more having to take the headset off to grab a drink.
I do hope the cinematic mode will be better than the awful option in PSVR1 though, give me the option to watch a movie sitting on the moon, or a performance surrounded by the Royal Opera House, not a window hanging in the blackness.
Ultimately though, my purchase decision will be based on one thing, and that’s backward compatibility. If the likes of Skyrim, Farpoint, Star Wars Squadrons, Doom, Wipeout, and Borderlands 2 aren’t playable, then that’s most of my interest gone.
Upscale them and auto-patch to the new controllers please, don’t leave it to the developers. While Hello Games are adapting No Man’s Sky, most won’t.
That last paragraph is literally impossible, the devs or Sony themselves would have to go in to do the work, there’s no auto-magic for this process. I also wouldn’t bank on any virtual environments for cinematic mode, they made no hint of that and made it sound like it’ll be another black void again, just with much better picture quality and 120 frames/HDR. Maybe they can add stuff like that in a future update though, with enough demand for it.
Great details. Now can you please elaborate more about PSVR2 backwards compatibility with PSVR1 games.
Not going to happen. The tracking software is completely different. PSVR1 uses the camera-based tracking while PSVR2 uses inside-out cameras.
Developers will have to patch their games forward or re-release/upgrade the PC versions. Sony will likely entice big name games (Beat Saber, Superhot) to patch forward but it is very unlikely. Most games will just get sequels.
I’m afraid mikeCheck is right. BC just isn’t going to happen here. It sucks, but this isn’t something that can be emulated, it needs to be handled by original hardware.
I’d ask for updates and upgrades. BC through PS5/PSVR mode might be doable.
Over all I’d ask for the best of PSVR to simply be ported and get an upgrade path. Beat Saber and Wanderer being two titles for example that should get the treatment. A remake of Blood and Truth for PSVR2 to take better advantage of the controls. Doom as well.
I’m not looking forward to buying new VR guns.
A new Aim controller is a MUST!
Not sure what these others are talking about. The lack of camera is irrelevant. From the games point of view it is receiving position data, how that position data is obtained is of no concern to the game. The PSVR2 will be able to preview position data to a game just as well as a PSVR1 the only difference is that it uses inside out taking rather than the camera.
The actual backwards compatible problem they need to solve is the move controllers. They would need to come up with some kind of translation layer that converts the vr2 dual sense controllers input into the equivalent of the move controllers. Not necessarily impossible but probably tricky.
That’s not strictly true. At the end of the day the software just needs positional data, it doesn’t really matter how it’s acquired.
The headset tracking and any titles that use move controllers should be fine but the problem will be tracking the Dualsense given it has no lightbar, it could just rely on the gyro’s/accelerometer’s but that would be inaccurate. My guess is that there will be backwards compatibility but some titles will require the old playstation camera and a Dualshock 3 controller (unless patched to use the new PSVR2 controllers).
I’m baffled you guys haven’t had a video showcase of PSVR2 yet, all we had are either those blog posts or useless tweets. You should really stop drip-feeding and bring back a consistent way to showcase new game and product. Whatever happened to you guys?
Is been like this since the blogs got merged and Jim took over. Sad times indeed.
PSVR2 had an on-stage presentation at CES where they revealed hardware details and its first big game, Horizon; PS5 never even had that (likely due to COVID but still). The only problem was that PlayStation didn’t promote CES ahead of it and really just relayed the info later on the blog, but Jim and them did do the whole E3 thing at CES. We’ve also recently had a games showcase in the last State of Play that many would say was their best State of Play ever, so its definitely had good exposure.
What’s the matter kid, reading too hard for you?
The psvr2 won’t be out for another coup0le of months. Pretty sure they will do more to show it of when it is closer to release
🙂 Excited to be getting the drop date… now my slow-burn excitement for PSVR 2 can speed up!
I enjoyed 3D Blu-Ray support on PSVR 1, and bought the disk version of PS5 specifically for that. Hopefully PSVR 2 will launch with a 3D Blu-Ray patch!
The day PSVR 2 finally hits is the day my pre-ordered PS5 becomes useful. 😜
Also hoping for 3D Bluray! Have been bummed about it since setting up my PS5 in place of my PS4
I will be the 3rd one on here also hoping for 3D Blu-ray support. I have a decent catalog of content and would love to use it with the better displays of the PSVR 2. Hoping someone at Sony is reading this and makes sure they add this a legacy perk.
I’m here for the 3D Blu-ray support too! Dare I say that it’s the main reason I bought the original PSVR.
Here’s to hoping for 3D blu-ray support!
To 3D Support!
Yes, +1 for 3D Blu Ray Playback!!!
I too was disappointed that PS5 lacked 3D Blu Ray support.
Sony, I do hope you hear us! We love you. If you need to hear us say say those words again, no problem…just uh, give us that 3D blu ray playback…mwahaha
Oh alright, then…we love you, regardless…but it will be very sweet if you gave us 3D blu ray playback 🙂
This would amazing! Would love this too. I for one have always wanted to get 3D Blu-ray’s but couldn’t justify a 3D TV. This would let me finally try it out.
Would really hope the cinematic mode could be improved beyond 1080p though. That is quite disappointing.
Please be this year release we need this sooner than later
Seems like it is comming 1st quarter 2023
Wondering if playing regular PS5 games in cinematic mode a better and cheaper proposition than getting a 77 inch LG C2 OLED.
at the moment no. Get the TV. You’ll be buying more PS5 games than PSVR2 titles in the next year. It’ll take that long just to get inventory out for the hardware in regular enough quantities with remakes of existing PSVR titles and new PSVR2 specific titles.
I’m guessing Horizon will be a launch game. So unless you’re a huge fan of that franchise, get the TV. Even then, seeing Aloy in Horizon 2 on that marvelous TV, is worth waiting for disembodied hands in VR Horizon.
The 120 hz support in particular just killed some new TV/monitor sales.
Will it be possible to watch 3D 4K blue ray movies with PSVR2?
It would be a deal breaker if not.
do 3D UHDs even exist?
I don’t think 3D is available in UHD either. But I am disappointed that Cinematic Mode is limited to 1080p.
Looking great. Can’t wait to see more games getting announced for PSVR2, plus its release date and price
This work is really encouraging and man am I excited for PSVR2 (as someone who never invested in PSVR).
pass though and play area are great feature adds.
….but if i read that right there will be no 360/3D video support. that’s kind of a dealbreaker for me.
alternatively, if you won’t support media playback or web browsers on ps5 then at least support using this headset on PC.
@kitler53 They won’t. Not at launch anyway. More then likely they will lose money on selling the hardware. Then they not going to make it pc compatible. They make money back form games sold on ps5. That is how they make up for taking a loss on the hardware
Am so excited! 😊 🤗
Can’t wait for this to be out
Does anyone know rough price of this yet? Was wondering if I need to justcsell a lung or both kids too 🤔 😀
$400 is the likely target.
be prepared to fight the scalpers to buy this lol
Cinematic mode sounds a little brain damaged. why isn’t this 4k hdr content?
They can’t do that. The total resolution of both panels together is a bit over 4K, but in practice you get one for each eye, so they’re not additive, and a lot of the screen space is used for your peripheral vision above and below. When watching non-VR stuff, the resolution being about a quarter of the total headset resolution is normal.
That irked me we well. It’s probably the same reason why PS5 outputs 1080p to 1440p monitors; in its current state the PS5 can only output a native 4K or 1080p signal. Since PS VR2’s display res is 4000 x 2040, PS5 will likewise need to output 1080p since the headset doubtfully has the ability to downscale a 4k input. Hopefully, if they eventually add 1440p support, they will add support for the PS VR2’s display as well.
It has nothing to do with the 1440p situation 🤦‍♂️
Good to get confirmation on these features. It looks like this is going to be a great product. Now it just needs the content to go alongside it.
Here’s the secret to an assured mega-successful launch:
Half-life: Alyx
Yes! Can’t wait to have HLA day one! I hope Sony doesn’t think the fact we haven’t been that loud about this is not that we don’t want it, it’s that we’ve kind of taken it for granted that they know and have already gotten the port secured.
pretty sure Sony would want it on psvr2. But it is up to Valve if they want to port it. Also i think even without it it will be a succefull launch. With Horizon vr and atleast 19 other big games at launch
Sony you need to crack down on all this leaks hurting playstation the developers & fans
Will Cinematic Mode have 3D Blu-ray playback? Or VRR?
Also, you know what I would really love? For non-VR games to get special rendering modes designed for Cinematic Mode. They could use stereoscopic 3D, 3D games could finally be a worthwhile thing.
This would be amazing. I remember playing the (import) Monster Hunter game in 3D on my PS3 and my old 3D TV, but it would look even better in PSVR2 headset.
pretty sure those games need to be updated for that then. I doubt devs would bother going back to older games and make this possible
Really hoping you’ll be adding 3D blu ray compatibilty to PS5 so I can watch my 3D film collection in 3D on the PSVR 2 virtual cinema screen like on PSVR 1. Please let me do this because no TVs are so this is the only viable way to watch 3D movies at home these days and really hoping PSVR 2 will support it with that lovely OLED screen with a better pixel density that PSVR1.
I found watching my 3d movies on the original PSVR more effective and impressive than on my 3d tv and would love to continue watching them on PSVR2.
Me too. Plus it will finally be in 1080p like it’s supposed to be seen. 🙂 3D Blu-ray Playback is a must for PSVR2.
Love the post great job in showing what it can do and I would love to try it. I run a YouTube channel that I’m growing called Raven’s World and would love to feature this and a PS5 if I can be put into contact with someone about it. Also might sound dumb to ask but , how do you go about making a Playstation Blog?
This will be my first VR headset, when can we pre-order it?
Blu-Ray 3D support would be quite welcome! I miss that feature of PSVR 1.
Thanks a ton for the info guys! Been waiting/hoping for this for years and years. I originally bought a PS5 at launch in hopes of a PSVR2 coming. Can’t wait! I’m a little bummed about the 1080p cinematic mode to be honest, but maybe it will look better than I’m assuming. I’m still super pumped either way.
I’ll be there day one, no doubt, as long as scalpers don’t beat me to it haha. Thanks again guys!
Let’s get this thing on the shelves for Christmas , eh? Let’s buckle up for a holiday miracle!!!
How will it handle PS4 VR games?
It won’t?
Could we please have 3D Blu-ray support back?
That was evil of them to not allow it on ps5
3D movies are trash,
But the wire….
Is it not going to be wireless?
That should be priority #1. Pass through is not that much of a priority if you are still tethered to the console imo.
This thing seems really cool! Too bad I got PSVR with my PS5. The improvements seem really impressive. I don’t mind the cable. Luckily it’ll run off of the PS5’s USB-C port rather then the breaker box. Wireless would be a poor experience unless it was a standalone device. I’m really excited for the possibilities for new games!
Pretty exciting. Just waiting on the price.
When broadcasting, will it be flat lile social screen or keep the horrible fisheye view like from psvr?
Judging from the example image, flat.
3D Blu-ray support please!
I love this on PSVR, but I need better resolution!
Here here!
I wonder how the plug8n and wire setup will be, will it be like the 1st headset where you need the box or will yo7 be able to just plug right 8nto the ps5 and go?
Just one thin wire to the console.
sell me a haptic bodysuit one day, I want to kick a NPC so hard it breaks Game reality. A fighting arena, one day. progressing wonderfully, the next phase is wireless or interactivity for the setup but count me in
How about a new handheld to go with psvr2?
yes more hardware to spread their focus. Seems like people forgot how they let Vita die. You want them to make games for PS5, PSVR2 and a handheld? no thanks. Let them focus on PS5 and PSVR2
Do I need a green screen or anything for the broadcast mode?
All of this is good info, they really are going all in on the VR this time. Creating a custom play area is a nice addition that I really didn’t expect.
you don’t need a green screen. the capture mode has an option to remove the background. Not sure how good it works really
I honestly can’t wait for this . Would be nice if Sony allowed some of the actual community that bought the first VR to be able give a few out for them to test for free . Not these so called YouTubers/Twitch streamers who get everything for free any way . Real people real who have actually invested in Sonys eco system that care .That are a loyal Sony customer . They should be allowed to enter to be a tester for them if that’s possible also. Giving something back to the community. But has regards to the VR this is a huge step from the first one .The move tracker wasn’t the best . Hopefully you don’t have to warm these screen for 20 mins to reduce screen fog when putting on the headset from cold. I also want it to be lighter on my head so it can be worn for longer . And it to have a removable sweat band inter-grated in the lining would be nice .
They do. Beta testing for hardware is a real thing.
PSVR1 is one of the lightest vr headsets out there. I don’t even notice it after a while. But aparently psvr 2 is a little lighter
Great additions!
PSVR was the saving grace of the PS4 for me, and PSVR2 is by far my most anticipated gaming platform.
PS5 has been Fantastic so far, but this is where it will truly shine. PlayStation for me has always been about new experiences. Eye Toy, PS Move, and PSVR software have been the most memorable since I began playing playing PlayStation in the late 90’s.
Thanks for continuing to support new ways to play! I look forward to getting my hands on PSVR2 Day One!
Absolutely can’t wait. I’ve never experienced VR in any format and have been holding out, waiting specifically for PSVR 2’s higher specification for years. I’m ready to place my order now.
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