XSEED publicando Freedom Planet 2 para lançamento em consoles este ano

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My Nintendo News
Freedom Planet 2 is finally coming to consoles later this year and XSEED Games has announced that it will be the publisher. Freedom Planet 2 has been a long time coming, having released on PC platform Steam last September. While the console version has yet to be given a solid release date, it is still scheduled to be released this year. Those of you who are planning to attend PAX West 2023 in September will be able to play the console version at XSEED Games booth. Hopefully we will get a release date announcement then.
“This year, this year…”
We knew that since the PC version released. This info feels like pointless fluff that doesn’t give us anything new. If the release date was revealed, then this would be different.
I fully intend to pick this one up, since I was a big fan of the first freedom planet: however, it may have to wait due to certain games like Sonic Superstars and super Mario RPG
Not to worry! Galaxytrail announced they want to push the release to December for that very reason!
Oh nice! That’ll probably help them out a lot ☺️
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